Not Expecting This

I was searching the internet looking for a Brazzers discount and found this Twitter site. Yeah, it offered a really good savings to Brazzers. But what I wasn’t expecting was that they offered a litany of free content.

So if there’s a bunch of you guys out there that are on the fence about getting a membership, you may want to consider going to this Twitter fan page. You get to test-drive the material before you buy. How awesome is that?

I don’t care what anybody else tells you, but this is something you need before making a buying decision.

Tell me what you think… I believe you’ll find this a really helpful.

Why Mattel

I’m not a fan of Mattel, but this video shows Cramer selling Mattel and buying Hasbro. If you watch the two stocks over the past year, you would have made money on both stocks. What does he know?

No, We Are Not Mattel